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All Natural Support 

(Option #1)

One Bottle of Natural Dietary Supplement

(Ultralean Appetite Control)


Or One Bottle of Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal



Lean and Clean Protocol

A Natural and Healthy Way for Weight Loss


Medical Consultation and Diet Plan (Ketogenic Diet)


Fat Burn Injection Weekly X 4


Plus one of the protocol on the right

Medical Rx Support

(Option #2)

FDA-Approved Compounding Rx with 1 month supply 

An One-Month Natural Weight Loss Program

Dr. Zi dedicates to support his patients to achieve their weight management goals with both natural and conventional therapies. Dr. Zi integrates herbal medicine, vitamins, nutrients, medication altogether into a comprehensive protocol to boost the body's fatty acid metabolism and reduce calorie intake.

This special protocol aims to lose weight naturally with minimal side effects and keep people receiving sufficient nutrients and feeling energy and motivated. Many previous patients had already shared their success stories with Dr. Zi with this natural protocol by knowing the foundations of health. 

Call Dr. Zi today if you have any question about this protocol via 951-404-6452.