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Detoxification Program

Environmental Illness and Depuration Therapy

Fat- and water-soluble toxicants and toxins, including insecticides, herbicides, solvents, toxic metals, and natural body waster, can be encouraged to leave the body more rapidly by stimulating sweating and pursuing a healthy diet. When followed carefully, this regimen maximizes the potential for safe detoxification. The excellent nutrition and sleep hygiene recommended will stabilize the body, minimizing fatigue and discomfort during the treatment.


Therapeutic nutrients prescribed will dramatically increase your body’s ability to mobilize, tolerate, and excrete toxicants. They will further replace nutrients lost in the therapeutics sweating. Exercise prior to sweating will increase elimination through the skin by increasing the release of toxicants from fat storage and blood flow to the skin.


The essential fatty acid supplement and other nutrients recommended also increase the release of toxins from fat tissue, decrease re-absorption of toxins excreted in bile, and improve your tolerance of this rigorous program. Therapeutic heat increases the normal metabolic breakdown of fat tissue, releasing toxicants stored there so that they can be excreted in sweat; the prescribed aerobic exercise enhances this effect.


In addition, Niacin (Vitamin B3) supplementation increases the release of fatty acids from fat tissue, presumably increasing the release of toxicants from fat tissue and the likelihood of their excretion.


If you are interested in natural detoxification to start the new year, call Dr. Zi to schedule a free consultation for more information and participate our program.